Our Team

Our expert staff is committed to providing you with competent and reliable service.

Ladd & Beth Cunningham



We have owned Middleton Boulevard Apartments since December 2008. Since then we have worked hard to give our residents the very best service, a sense of safety and security and a home they can be proud of.


In August of this year (2011), we moved our family onto the property. We felt we could provide better and more efficient service to our tenants. We have enjoyed being landlord for the last three years and now enjoy being neighbors, also.


Prospective residents must apply and a background check is run on everyone before they are approved to lease from MBA. You can be assured we know who your neighbors are and you can feel good about living next to anyone here.

Cameron Cunningham




Cameron is our youngest son and has worked maintenance with his dad since Fall of 2010. We could not do everything that needs to be done without him. You can know that whether it's Ladd or Cameron, your maintenance needs will be taken care of in a quick and timely manner.